Multiwell plates are available as standard products on the market. But what if they do not satisfy the requirements or further innovation potential can be exploited.

Individual multiwell plates, which are designed specifically for applications, open new innovative possibilities in the diagnosis and analysis of medical or biotechnological tasks.



  • typical fluid exchange with pipette
  • no sensors
  • standardized dimensions, experiment volumes and well geometry
  • interval-dependent monitoring


  • simulation of hematological fluidics (cell and tissue circulation)
  • multi-parametric sensors integrated into the multiwell plate
  • design freedom
  • real - time monitoring of all experiments
  • cultivation on the sensor surface => continuous monitoring of metabolism, less signal diffusion

Product example

Sensor coated multiwell plate with 24 independent test chambers (wells) for cell and tissue cultures, consisting of a plastic body. Each well has optochemical and / or electrochemical sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen in the fluid and impedance electrodes for cell count detection on a microscopeable glass support.

In the practical process of an experiment first cells are cultured directly on the sensors, then the volume over the cells is reduced by the flow to increase the measurement sensitivity and the medium replaced in this reaction micro chamber with a robotic at regular intervals over the adjacent side chambers. The cells may be added untreated and offset media with active ingredients.


Individual multiwell plates fit to your needs.

The main focus is on solving the problems together.

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More options

Integration of

  • LED's
  • heating elements,
  • micro-pumps,
  • optical fibers and much more.


We attach importance to product quality and performance.

With test systems tailored to the specific application will realized a sustainable quality implementation and protection.

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