Concept design

Common concept design of your idea about the possibility of implementation to the point of a usable product.

Ideas into reality

Realize your visions. Send us your ideas. We can find a solution together.

Unite worlds

Simultaneous development process for generating innovative solutions. Your ideas, product realization with experts for experts.

Use innovations

The focus is on the benefit.
Passionate you, us and others with the innovativeness of the product.

Product development

We design your product idea together with our development team of product developers, engineers, biologists and electronic engineers.

Specifications are developed in project meetings and experiments.

The focus is always on the customer benefit and product advantage.

MID  =>  Mechatronic Integrated Devices

Product solutions become more and more complex, particularly in the field of medical technology and biotechnology.

Because of a new generation of systems completely new opportunities are offered to implement product solutions.


MID  =>  Mechatronic Integrated Devices
free designable plastic components with integrated and embedded mechatronic components and systems.


The production is adjacent to the development. Potential or promising production possibilities and processes are examined already in the phase of production development.

Through an own R & D Team individual production processes can be developed and implemented. Recent technical innovations can be incorporated into products by adapting production techniques, thus creating a new generation of biohybrid analysis and diagnostic products.

Talk to experts

Product solutions for the medical-and biotechnology. We realize visions together. A unique consortium will support you from the concept to a serial production.

Inquiry (non-binding)

Here you can submit a inquiry for your individual wells. Similarly, inquiry for further product ideas can be generated.